"I look in the mirror and wonder where I went..."

With these words we are swept away to Italy: an apartment off the Via Cassia illumined by the legendary light of Rome. To the whitewashed stucco cottage in Marin County, California, where five days after Susan Diodati returns from Italy her mother dies. The unfathomable grief. The unexpected solace of taking refuge in the family home that is now hers to live in until she dies, which is exactly what she wants—until the discovery of a box of letters hidden in the linen closet.

The drama they expose draws Susan into a mystery she is resolute to unravel. But after a year of sleuthing, she runs for rescue to the stark high desert of Sedona, Arizona, where the most famous energy vortex—Cathedral Rock—shatters her illusions about family, love, and responsibility. Sedona lights the fuse on a profound and emotional journey of transformation that hurls Susan onto the road of self-discovery, forgiveness, and renewal.

Sophisticated.  Spare.  Heartfelt and real.
The threads are seamlessly interwoven with great craft, like artful sewing.
A beautifully written story that births a spirit greater than its own.

Funny  •  Touching  •  Compelling

Diodati sails back through her journey of life, with us in tow, from these farther shores of the understanding heart. Proof positive that it’s not what life hands you that matters, but what you do with it that counts. Love and gratitude conquer all. We knew it then. We know it now.   --  ZHO,  author of The InterGalactic Cafe

"Before I finished Susan's remarkable first paragraph, I knew she could write. Her work has a strong literary quality...beauty and depth. Her word choices and construction are lovely and I read every word in the book. I especially loved Susan's lone trip to Sedona and her reaction to the "vortices" and their energy...I would like to see more from this author."
--  Writer's Digest, January 2011

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