Diodati Makes a Daring, Robust, and Passionate Entrance
into the World of Poetry with Lifelines

Ms. Diodati first catches the eye with the dazzling cover of her book, then steals the heart with an openness and candor that rivet one to the page in Lifelines, published in conjunction with Lulu.com.

Lifelines is a story that unfolds through six seasons of the author´s life. Searing and jubilant, these renderings of her soul burn through any artifice, defense or hesitation.

Susan Diodati wrote these poems to save her life. She published Lifelines to share lessons learned and wisdom earned, to touch, to bring humor, to inspire. With each expression of the heart hitting the page in unique form and voice, Lifelines is a visual and verbal feast!

"Touching, intuitive, inspirational, thought provoking! It really hits home. All of these poems in one way or another will touch somebody somewhere."
- Gina H. Granite Bay, California

"Radiant and playful! The simplicity allows the reader´s imagination to go to its own places. That inspiration triggers our own creativity."
- Cynthia T. Glenhaven, California

"So emotional...poignant. It´s crystal clear, I mean really crystal clear!"
- Sam C. Framingham, Massachusetts

"I read it cover to cover! It´s brilliant."
- Tarie K. Calgary, Alberta Canada

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