5 Roads To Healing From The Loss of a Parent

   • This ebook is for anyone who has suffered the loss of a parent or loved one.
   • Right now the Baby Boomer community is the largest older population in history.
   • They are at a time in their lives when their parents' generation is in decline
      and passing from this life.
   • Author and self-help guru Susan Diodati has written her own account of the
      painful and almost unbearable passing of her mother.
   • She shares what brought her through, how she healed herself, and what you
      can do to heal yourself.
   • The words in this book will inspire and help you to begin your own healing
   • Excerpts from her Best Selling Amazon book I Knew It Then can be seen
      throughout this wonderful short expose'.

"I couldn't put it down! I wanted to read the entire book by the author after reading just this short healing journey! I know when the time comes, I will be better able to cope with my own pain and loss! Thank you, Susan, for sharing your heart felt journey with us and supplying us the tools we need to cope."
  - Adrienne Lee,  Adrienne Lee Marketing

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